Policies and Procedures

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Peak Performance Partnership is a provider of training and support into sustainable employment for adults and young people, developing their confidence, knowledge and skills to enable them to make informed choices and equip them for work.

Peak Performance Partnership has at its center the value and importance of good quality Information Advice and Guidance.

The services delivered by Peak Performance Partnership are delivered in accordance with the principles of the nationally recognised Matrix quality standard. The achievement of this Award is one of the key aims of this arm of the organisation.

Policies and procedures are essential in helping us to provide good quality provision that is compliant with ESFA rules and regulations. Further rules and guidance can be found on the Gov.UK website

20% Off The Job Policy

Business Continuity Plan

Code of Conduct

Complaints Procedure

Equality and Diversity Policy

GDPR Policy

Harassment and Bullying Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Information, Advice and Guidance Policy

Prevent & Anti-Radicalisation Policy

Safeguarding Policy

If you would like to discuss any of this information further you can contact the 3P team on 0191 519 7381