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SMART Questionnaire™

Entry into the HATS environment is via the online 30 minute SMART Questionnaire™  which measures 175 traits & preferences, cross referencing technology making over 8,000 comparisons, equivalent to more than 2,700 multiple choice questions, equivalent to one full day of testing and 150,000 cross checks for consistency. Click here to find out more and to try it for yourself.

Behavioural Blueprint

All of this ensures an objective measurement and assessment of each persons unique ‘behavioural blueprint’. This is the key to unlocking the insights into your organisations people, talent and business growth potential. All of this is supported by…

3 Pillars

#1 Enjoyment Performance Theory

Success is 3x more likely when over 75% of work activities are enjoyed by the employee

#2 Paradox Theory

Measuring complimentary traits independently to give a deeper insight into human behaviour

#3 Job Success Formulas (JSF's)

6,500 Proven and pre-configured JSFs. Candidates and employees are benchmarked against the JSF to assess job fit both for eligibility and unique suitability

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