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3P Academy: people development solutions on the ASPIRE journey

ASPIRE gives your people access to the 3P Academy where they will be developed according to individual needs aligned to your business objectives and goals.

Improvement and development of your people is the cornerstone process of bridging the skills and behaviouralgaps needed to drive people, talent and business growth in your organisation.

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Leadership and Management Solutions

Underpinned by sophisticated talent analytics

Our unique ASPIRE solutions can support you with cultural transformation, individual behavioural development and team dynamics.

The 3P Leadership Competency Framework enables us to identify behavioural strengths and areas for development for your current and aspiring leaders. Our comprehensive leadership programme encompasses 10 core competencies of leadership.

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Leadership Competency Framework
Engaging Manager Programme
ImpacT Team Dynamics
Peak Performance Coaching

Leadership and Management Apprenticeships

For current and aspiring team leaders and operations/department managers

Utilising your apprenticeship Levy funds is a productive and cost effective way to develop your current and aspiring leaders and managers as part of a unique 3P apprenticeship programme. Our leadership and management apprenticeships focus on nurturing talent already in your organisation to unleash the potential of your current and future leaders, and help you grow your business.

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Funded training programmes

Drive engagement and team working in your business

We have access to government funded contracts to deliver various improvement programmes which enable you to choose from a selection of modules which deliver a tailored approach to address specific business and process improvement needs. These include:

  Line Manager programme
  Ci8; Continuous Improvement tools and techniques
  Customer Service training
  Structured Problem Solving

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3P’s online development toolkit

Development with the 3P Academy is supported by ASPIRE Mindtools Connect. We have created  bespoke frameworks of videos, blogs, articles and assessments mapped to the specific learning outcomes of our leadership and management solutions and our leadership and management apprenticeships to enhance your learning journey.

Connect anywhere, anytime to build your very own personal bespoke development and learning plan. Get easy access to thousands of online resources and training materials to support your career and help you to develop, grow and fulfil your potential.

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