4D Talent Acquisition

The chances are good that up to 66% of your company’s hiring decisions will prove, in the first twelve months, to be mistakes

PETER DRUCKER, Management consultant and author

The power to make confident people choices

How many times have you hired someone in to your business and then realised down the line that they’re not the right fit for the team, or they don’t have the right skills, or they don’t fit with your organisation’s values and goals? All this can lead to a very costly hiring mistake – up to 350% of the persons salary according to research.

Find the right candidate with 4D Talent Acquisition and avoid the emotional and financial cost of a bad hire

How does it work?

4D Talent Acquisition is a unique 4-step approach across the acquisition journey from start to finish and is completely bespoke to match the requirements of the role and the organisation.

The 4D process enables us to find the right person for the right job. We work with you to facilitate and develop a customised and unique job performance formula, including behavioural success factors, which objectively measures for both candidate eligibility and suitability.

Results from the objective digital assessment are used to screen all candidates to identify your talent pool and create a strong shortlist of high-potential candidates for that all-important interview phase.

Comprehensive reports, interview and attraction guides help you to explore the fit and expectations of both organisation and candidate, so you can make a confident hiring decision.

What our clients say about 4D

“It’s true our acquisition lead time has reduced tremendously. That is of course very valuable, but what’s more valuable is that the system helps us to find the right person for the role, and also for our team, with one hiring campaign.
We’ve put our faith in the system – still keeping our critical eye of course – and have hired great fits since. 4D is helping us to create a great team, without the disruption of bad hires.”

ISABELLE HUYSMAN, General Manager EMEA, Microline Surgical

“The process of hiring my next recruit has been like night and day compared to before using 4D – it has been an incredible journey.
I am absolutely certain each successful candidate is going to be the right fit with the right skills and will be working with my organisation for many years to come.
The cost of a bad hire is a cost I have borne too many times before; the cost of doing the process properly using4D has been far less than any recruiter fee.  I know with certainty that the company will benefit immensely from using this process for recruitment moving forward.”


“4D enables us to confidently identify when a candidate is not right for a particular role – which is just as important to your business as hiring the correct candidate and should never be overlooked or underestimated in terms of cost to the business.”

BRIAN SCOTT, HR Manager, Entek International

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