3P Talent Solutions

For all your people development needs on the ASPIRE journey

People development solutions on the ASPIRE journey

ASPIRE gives your people access to the 3P Academy where they will be developed according to individual needs aligned to your business objectives and goals.

Improvement and development of your people is the cornerstone process of bridging the skills and behavioural gaps needed to drive people, talent and business growth in your organisation.

We offer bespoke commercial talent solutions to suit individual and business development needs.

4D Talent Acquisition for your business

Find the right candidate with 4D Talent Acquisition and avoid the emotional and financial cost of a bad hire.

4D Talent Acquisition is a unique 4-step approach across the acquisition journey from start to finish and is completely bespoke to match the requirements of the role and the organisation.

Develop Engaging Managers

The line manager relationship is the most important work based relationship for all of us and has been found to effect 75% variability in engagement levels.

Develop your frontline managers in the behavioural competencies that are essential to be an engaging manager, and positively influence and engage your workforce.

Unleash Leadership Potential

10 Core Competencies for Leadership to measure and develop aspiring, experienced and senior leaders.

Develop your leaders to create an inspiring vision of the future, motivate and inspire people to engage with that vision, manage delivery of the vision and coach and build a team to be more effective at achieving the vision.