Use your Levy to boost management performance

Use your Levy to boost management performance

  • Up to £10k per person to develop frontline leaders and managers

  • Option to include accredited management diplomas

  • Available to enrol now


Are you using or are you losing your Levy?

If you have a wage bill of over £3M you will be paying 0.5% of this as a Levy payment into your digital account. Since May 2017 you will have been paying into your digital account. If this money you have paid is not used within 2 years you lose it and it is then paid to the government.

Use it to develop your key influencers

This money can be used to develop the key influencers in your business – your leaders and managers. You can use the money you have already paid into your digital account to develop your leaders and managers using the Team Leader/ Supervisor level 3 apprenticeship standard. There is also an option to include the accredited Level 3 Diploma in Management.

This is a productive and effective way for any business to grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce. Many businesses are now replacing existing training and development programmes with Levy funded programmes.

Use it to boost management performance

Investing time into your existing and aspiring managers and leaders will help them to feel valued and engaged with your business, and help them to lead high performing teams.

Your team leaders, front line and aspiring managers will develop knowledge, skills and behaviours in the areas below:


Level 5 options for developing managers and leaders are also available.