The Power of 95 and the 10 Essential Traits of an Engaging Manager

At 3P we believe employee engagement is one of the cornerstones to growing people, growing talent and growing business. 3P are Regional Ambassadors for Engage for Success and co-founders of the north-east engagement focused network EngageNE.

One of Engage for Success’ four enablers of engagement is Engaging Managers. This role is pivotal in driving employee engagement; according to Gallup “The line manager relationship is the most important work-based relationship for all of us and has been found to effect up to 70% variability in engagement levels”.

Front line managers, who typically account for 5% of the whole organisation, have an influence on the other 95%. This is why, at 3P, we consider the impact of this group of key influencers the ‘Power of 95’.

Engagement is relevant at all levels of the organisation; from leadership, to management, to the workforce.

As a business leader, do your key influencers have the required competencies to manage and influence effectively?

As a manager, do you understand the key drivers to engage your teams?

As an employee, does your manager have the awareness and understanding to meet your expectations to engage you in the business?

Based on the 4 Key Drivers of Engagement; Growth, Recognition, Communication and Trust,  from New York Times best-selling author Kevin Kruse’s Employee Engagement 2.0, we have developed an Engaging Manager framework to benchmark 10 essential behavioural traits.

3P’s Trevor Norman talks to Jo Moffat from Engage for Success about the 10 essential traits, the Power of 95 and the impact on employee engagement.

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