1. HAVE A CLEAR 3 – 5 YEAR VISION – Have a clear vision for the business for the next 3 – 5 years and communicate effectively so everyone can see the alignment to an agile learning culture
  2. SHOW PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT AS A BUSINESS PRIORITY – Improvement and development of people and talent should be recognised in the business road map and annual business priorities
  3. IDENTIFY YOUR HI-POTENTIAL TALENT (HI-PO’s) – Who are your HiPo’s? The talent with high potential and learning agility. Identify the top talent and build personal development plans and clear career navigation pathways.
  4. IDENTIFY GAPS – Identify gaps in knowledge, skills and behaviours to build into CPD for your HiPo’s
  5. SELECT INTERNAL MENTORS – Good internal mentors can share invaluable experience particularly around knowledge and skills and be a good sounding board for your high potentials
  6. USE EXTERNAL COACHES – Changing behaviours can be a challenging process but extremely beneficial and skilled external coaches can help your top talent to thrive with personal 1:1 coaching
  7. CATER FOR INDIVIDUAL LEARNING STYLES – Everyone has their own preferred learning styles so cater for these differences; consider visual, auditory and kinaesthetic modalities as well as NET (no extra time) options
  8. PERFORMANCE AND RESULTS DRIVEN – The purpose of creating an agile learning culture is to unleash individual potential and drive business results. It should be about your growing your people, growing your talent and growing your business
  9. ACCESS TO ON-LINE TRAINING – It is a must for your HiPo’s to have access to on-line training platforms as this is a fundamental element of creating an agile learning environment and something that top talent will expect
  10. 80/20 MINDSET – It really is about your mindset. Think of 20% strategy, facilities, resources etc and 80% mindset. Without the right mindset the rest becomes irrelevant. This starts with your leadership team


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Written by Trevor Norman