We offer people based solutions that can serve a broad range of public and private sector clients across any discipline. Our key services include:


UP4G (Unleash Potential 4 Growth)

3P’s award winning approach to people engagement. This inclusive programme is recommended as a turnkey project. We will work with you over 12 to 18 months to ignite, condition and embed a new culture of people engagement to drive growth.


Peak Performance Coaching (PPQ)

3P’s behavioural based leadership and management coaching; the target is the Peak Performance Quadrant. 3P combines the Marshall Goldsmith process with the HATS behavioural competency analysis to turbo boost leadership and management performance.


Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS)

This is an automated web based behavioural assessment and talent management tool. Its unique selling point is the access to an objective assessment of job centric behavioural traits and competencies. This in turn gives unprecedented insight into candidate and employee suitability.


Hands on Training (HOT) Lean Academy

The centrepiece of Lean is Kaizen or continuous improvement. At 3P we offer a hands-on insight into Kaizen and how to apply lean principles through our HOT Lean Academy. The academy has three levels to suit your needs: ignition; condition; embed.


Accreditation and development

A key component of people engagement is ‘meaningful work ... where does my work fit and its importance’. What a fantastic way to establish this importance than with accreditation and development. At 3P we can offer a range of packages and funding that help drive this agenda.

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