People engagement can make or break organisational change. 3P specialises in putting the people at the heart of all that you do.


We understand the psychological resistance to change – whether it is growth, efficiency, cost savings, development or organisational - and how to change the mind set of employees to ensure they are committed to making the journey with you.

We use sophisticated behavioural mapping tools to assess levels of engagement, job fit, development needs, cultural baselining, retention factors and, at the leadership and management level, coaching for behavioural competency.

3P has been established on a partnership model to ensure we can offer a bespoke service with outstanding customer value.

If you want a turnkey people engagement programme for your organisation, you will deal with someone with a decade of implementing behavioural based people engagement initiatives.

If you want coaching in behavioural competency for your leaders and managers, you will deal with a Marshall Goldsmith accredited coach.

If you want to baseline behavioural competency for your team or your organisation or build a talent pipeline to ensure a strong leadership and management bench, you will deal with a highly experienced Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions (HATS) consultant.

If you want to start stripping out waste and non-value adding activities you will deal with a highly experienced and hands-on Lean consultant who will introduce your organisation to our HOT (Hands on Training) Academy for Lean.

If you want to drive the people engagement initiative with accreditation and development for your employees, you will deal with a seasoned NVQ assessor and ILM accredited trainer.

What you won’t get is a newly qualified theorist cutting their teeth.

Our flexibility means we can offer hourly, daily or project pricing options or a mix of these if this best suits your needs.

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