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Videos, Podcasts & Resources

Harrison Assessments sample reports

This suite of sample Harrison Assessment reports will give you an insight into the wealth of data provided by this sophisticated yet simple talent analytics system. These reports include: • Job Success Analysis • Suitability Interview Guide • Engagement and Retention Analysis • Paradox Graph Please contact us at if you would like [...]

CaZcade E-Book

CaZcade is a simple 5-step structured approach to standardise and control; the way to set, cascade and monitor annual business priorities and objectives aligned to your Business Roadmap and the longer term vision and objectives. 3P's CaZcade E-Book will guide you through each of the 5 steps so you can implement this approach across all [...]

McKinsey 7S Model Question Framework

When considering organisational design, we recommend using the McKinsey 7S model to help you define what changes may be needed in your organisation. This framework is a great resource which goes hand in hand with the 7S model and contains instructions on how to use the model and a set of questions around each of [...]

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