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Grow your people, grow your talent and grow your business with a 3P leadership and management apprenticeship

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Why engage in a Leadership & Management Apprenticeship?

The Power of 95. The leaders and managers in your organisation will count for approximately 5% of the entire workforce which gives them the power and enables them to positively influence the other 95% and drive improved performance.

Utilising your apprenticeship Levy funds is a productive and cost effective way to develop your current and aspiring leaders and managers as part of a unique 3P apprenticeship programme.

What Leadership and Management Apprenticeships do we offer?

Team Leader/Supervisor Level 3

  • This includes the Level 3 Diploma in Management qualification

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Operations/Department Manager Level 5

  • This includes the Level 5 Diploma in Management qualification

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Why 3P?

Our leadership and management apprenticeships focus on nurturing talent already in your organisation to unleash the potential of your current and future leaders, and help you grow your business.

We also offer your apprentices access to ASPIRE Mindtools Connect, our extensive online resource and training material platform to support their learning journey, with content mapped specifically to the apprenticeship standard learning outcomes.

Simple-yet-sophisticated talent analytics, Harrison Assessments, provide a unique insight into the behavioural strengths and areas for development of your apprentices.

Peak Performance Coaching is available for those who might prefer to enhance their leadership development with a 1:2:1 coaching approach.

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The National Apprenticeship Service says:

75%of companies report apprenticeships have improved their quality of service
76%improvement in productivity reported by employers with established apprenticeship programmes
80%of employers reported improved employee satisfaction and staff retention

Growing People  Growing Talent  Growing Business

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