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This ESF funded training allows you to tap into our ‘Power of 95’ philosophy to drive engagement and team working in your business.
We have Line Manager courses running in August, September and October 2018. Please click for course dates and further information

A structured approach to train, coach and mentor Lean Leaders for maximum impact and influence in driving your Ci programme. This ESF funded training allows you tap into 3P’s Lean Leader Academy to turbo boost Ci in your business. Please click for further information.

Eight modules designed to optimise people and process productivity for maximum results. Choose from the selection of Ci8 modules will deliver a tailored approach to address your specific business and process improvement challenges. From one module to the full suite of Ci8, we will work with you to get the best fit for your business. Please click for further information

One of the 4 key drivers of engagement, trust is a huge topic with many different aspects. When it comes to trust, employees need to trust their line-manager. Without trust it will be difficult to build any sort of meaningful relationship. Gaining levels of trust can be the foundation for relationships and organisations to thrive. […]

A practical checklist for making smart assessment decisions for acquiring, developing and retaining the best talent. So how do you evaluate assessment tools? Here are six key questions that must be considered……